Advanced Python Code Antiplagiarism Checker


More Robust

We compare code structures in abstract syntax tree format. 

Basic modification can't alter the abstract syntax tree.


By comparing the tree representation, it makes our

algorithm robust to most common plagiarism techniques.


Code Standardization

All codes will go through a standardization process.

This process will unchain all function calls and 

eliminate the structural differences.


It makes plagiarized codes vulnerable.


Smart Assessment

We've reduced the false-positive similarity caused by starter codes and templates.

So you won’t need to manually set a similarity threshold.



Absolutely no local installation.

Everything is cloud-based.

If your device can open this site, you are good to go.


Better Than Moss

Moss is token string-matching based. 

Basic plagiarism techniques can easily escape from its radar.

Experiments will demonstrate our difference from Moss.




   03/25: Project started

   04/11: Research phase ended

   04/27: First prototype

   05/20: Website backend deployed

   05/28: Full demo website deployed



    The servers will continue to function to provide free Python code plagiarism detection services. For those who are interested, please send through the chat.



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